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Licensed Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Special Care in a Home-Like Setting

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Country Comfort Retirement Homes (CCRH) are private family owned and operated Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Special Care homes housing 12-16 residents. Our homes focus on eliminating the corporate living environment found in larger facilities. CCRH is committed to providing a home-like feeling for our residents. We welcome family, friends, pets, and children to routinely visit and share in joys of our home. You will feel a sense of family as you get to know the staff, management, and residents at CCRH. CCRH residents feel more at home due to the careful thought put into the cozy design of each location. All of our homes feature a warm interior with soft colors, fireplaces, and sunrooms. The most important feature of our CCRH homes is the non-commercial feel of the kitchen which is located in the heart of each home. Each kitchen has an open design allowing residents and staff to interact throughout the meal process. Watching and/or participating in meal prep and smelling the aroma of the food as it cooks helps keep our residents engaged in daily life skills that occur in every home, allowing us to enhance the family feeling. This unique design allows for a more natural living setting and for the staff to provide the loving care and support that all seniors so deserve.

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After living at CCRH for a while, you will notice a difference in how you feel. Good nutrition, exercise, a sense of security, fewer worries, and the companionship of others often contribute to an increased level of personal well-being.

You will not only feel at home at CCRH, you will feel like part of the family.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Sherry Miller, Owner

History & Background

Sherry Miller worked for numerous years in local nursing facilities and developed a passion for the elderly. Her experiences generated a dream of providing an environment for those elderly persons suffering from various memory loss disorder to thrive. Sherry opened her first private, family owned, residential home in Henry, IL in 1993; County Comfort Retirement Homes (CCRH) was born.

Her sons, Brandon (2009) and Drew (2015), joined the family business after graduating from college to share in their mothers’ dream. Both have a B.S. in Business Administration and work side by side with Sherry to maintain CCRH’s reputation and carry it into the future. Drew’s wife Jennie (2016) joined the family business as the Community Outreach Director.

Over the years CCRH has expanded and contracted to meet demand. From its first home in Henry, IL, CCRH grew to five homes in North Central Illinois, since that time it has consolidated to three Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Special Care homes. CCRH employs nearly 55 employees and continues to embrace the philosophy it was founded on years ago, “Quality first it's the heart of the matter”.

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Alzheimer’s disease care and support.
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